DSC/IEP Processing Suggestions

Utilize the CHIP-AZ DSC/IEP Tracking and Service Reporting module. 

As with any new tool, it is wise to perform “parallel” tracking for a period of time. 

Our suggestion:

  1. Create the IEP (in CHIP-AZ) for those students with an IEP that indicates nursing services to be performed by the school nurse.
  2. Set up Daily Nursing Procedures for these students and mark as IEP eligible.
  3. Set up Daily Medications for these students and mark as IEP eligible.
  4. Begin marking IEP eligible Activities (encounters) as IEP related.
  5. Continue to track IEP eligible Activities (encounters), Daily Medications and Daily Nursing Procedures manually as you have in the past.
  6. At the end of the current billing period, run the DSC/IEP potential billing IEP Worksheet and compare with your manual records for the same days.
  7. Determine if there are differences and why. Be sure you are comparing the same days. It is possible that you have accounted for days in your manual records prior to beginning entry in CHIP-AZ.
  8. Correct the differences in CHIP-AZ if needed for common days reported and re-run the IEP Worksheet.
  9. Activities are changed in the Activity screen
  10. Procedures Daily are changed in the Procedure History screen.
  11. Medications Daily are changed in the Medication History screen
  12. When the numbers for the same days agree, run the Service Record Update in CHIP-AZ.
  13. Run the IEP Service Report.
  14. When comfortable with CHIP-AZ tracking, go “live” with CHIP-AZ DSC/IEP Processing ie. stop the manual tracking.

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