IEP-DSC Training

  • You may install this on a production computer without overwriting your CHIP-AZ data.
  • Files included are:
    PowerPoint Demo - IEPMipsSetup.pps
    Documentation Handout - IEPMipsSetupHandout.pdf
  • Click link at left to start the download.
  • If given the option, you should save the file.
  • If asked for a save in location select desktop.
  • When the download completes, close your Internet browser window.
  • Open the file, IEPMIPSSetup.exe, on your desktop by double clicking it.
  • Winzip will open.
  • Select Unzip to continue.
  • Click OK when you see the message "files unzipped successfully".
  • Close Winzip by clicking the Close button.
  • Be sure to remove the file, IEPMIPSSetup.exe, on your desktop.

You may also download the handout only. Skip the PowerPoint.