Training Sample Database 15.1

You will be installing CHIP-AZ software on your school's computer. If you do not have permission to do this, secure approval before proceeding.

If you are networked or have multiple schools on one computer, seek assistance from your district network specialist or Steve Goetze.

Print this page for reference before starting. (File, print or print button on your browser toolbar.)



Download Train

Make use of the training videos!!

Do not run modifications! They have been run.
For MS Office 2007, 2010.
CHIP-AZ v15.1 release.
  • Click Download Train link at left to start the download.
  • If given the option, you should save the file.
  • If asked for a save in location select desktop.
  • When the download completes, close your Internet browser window.
  • Open the file, CHIPTrain2012.exe, on your desktop by double clicking it.
  • Winzip will open.
  • Select Unzip to continue.
  • Click OK when you see the message "files unzipped successfully".
  • Close Winzip by clicking the Close button.
  • Open CHIP-AZ and you are ready to go.
  • DO NOT run Utilities, Modifications.
  • Be sure to remove the file, CHIPTrain2012.exe, on your desktop.
  • Desktop shortcut, CHIP-AZ Train will be NOT be created.
  • Go to folder C:\CHIP2000
  • Right click file CHIP2000Train.mde
  • Click Send To
  • Desktop (Create shortcut)
  • You may want to rename the desktop shortcut.