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CHIP-AZ version 20.0 Released   
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2016 Year End & New Year Start-Up  instructions and video now available.
Print these instructions to use before doing end of year.



Microsoft Office Access 2010 / 2013 / 2016 Compatibility -

Do NOT let your IT people install MS Office 2016. CHIP-AZ has not been tested with MS Office 2016.
Compatibility Chart
Tips for 2010 / 2013

Canny Office users don't upgrade on Day One.  They let other people be the guinea pigs.  While Office 2016 has been in preview for some months, there's bound to be teething troubles because there always are with such a big and complex system.

ASHAR Summaries Published -
Compare your results to others as of
BMI Repository - Ready for your new year contribution.
BMI Results - Compare your results to others as of 12/16/2015.
View reporting schools and BMI Trend.
Districts Continue to Choose CHIP-AZ
Districts that have recently changed to new student management systems (Genesis, Infinite Campus, PowerSchool, Synergy) have chosen to stay with CHIP-AZ. If you are making comparisons, see this document.

"I'm not sure how many PowerSchool Districts you service with CHIP.  PowerSchool came out with a new Health piece, I told" (district) "that it was NOT what we needed for AZ and our nurses."  - IT person

CHIP-AZ Tutorial - Get the latest (4/2017)
Security Warnings in MS Office Access 2010/2013
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Please submit ESP each Friday or last work day of your week.
Enrollment Cleanup  Ya' really need to do this!
Extreme Heat Preparedness
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CHIP-AZ Training Survey Click here to answer 5 questions.

Immunization News

Influenza Like Illness Graphs as of 5/4/2016.     
Do you use VisionQuest EyeSpy 20/20? Get the CHIP info. Click for guide.
ASHAR Form Revised
ASHAR Health Screening Code Count Updates

Important table of information on how code counts are updated. Click here to learn more.

Urgent new news!! Avoid loosing your data.
You just thought you knew how to compact CHIP-AZ.

Students Not Screened R9-13-102. Hearing Screening Population


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